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Award Winning, Classically Trained Silversmith.

I started my career at the age of 16 on the Goldsmiths Centres foundation programme. It became apparent to me that fine silversmithing and small work was the direction I wanted to go down and so I made a choice to pursue a career into a highly specialised and rare craft. I went directly from Goldsmiths onto a 5 year apprenticeship with Richard Fox of Fox Silver. Over the 5 years I learnt my craft as a silversmith working on all manner of prestigious pieces such as Formula One trophies, precious metal component parts for luxury car brands, ecclesial work and much more.


Throughout my time as an apprentice I created pieces which I entered into the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards for which I achieved 8 separate awards including the Junior Award. I also won the Schoonhoven International Silver Award. Upon completion of my formal training I moved to Grant Macdonald. Working at Grant’s opened my eyes to new work and new styles. His workshop famously caters to the middle eastern market, with work created in silver and 18ct gold to exceptional standards and complexity.


Over the course of my career I have always worked on private commissions for both individuals, charities and companies. During the pandemic I decided that launching my own company was a logical progression. Creating Oscar Saurin Ltd has been the culmination of 9 years of learning from Masters, working with clients and having a passion for my craft and industry. Oscar Saurin Ltd officially launched in March 2022. Since launching I  have  produced work for Bentley/Muliner coachbuilders, The Timpson company, The Worshipful Company of Grocers and many individual clients.


The Company has two distinct areas, bespoke commissions on an individual level; this work ranges from jewellery, modern/classical silverware and bespoke gifts. The other area is the creation of work and services for companies and larger organisations such as luxury car brands, livery companies and interior design firms.




Gold Award in Chasing - Goldsmiths Craft and Design Competition (Senior)

Silver Award in Silversmithing - Goldsmiths Craft and Design Competition (Senior)



Silver Award GC and DC - Silversmith Junior

Bronze Award GC and DC - Polishers, Jewellers, and Silversmiths Junior

Bronze Award GC and DC - Chasers' Junior




Gold Award GC and DC - (3D) Craft Chasers Junior

Gold Award GC and DC - (3D) Craft Silversmiths Junior

Gold Award GC and DC - The Junior Award

Gold Award GC and DC - (3D) Craft Polishers Jewellers and Silversmiths Junior Walsh Award

Bronze Award GC and DC - (3D) Craft Silversmith Junior 

Schoonhoven Silver Award - Young Professional Award


If you want to get in touch to discuss a project or a quote, then please don't hesitate to get in contact via one of the options below.

+44(0) 7800522800

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